The World’s oldest Female Bodybuilder just turned 80 and inspired us all

You might have met numerous people who try to set certain goals in their life, but often take a step back as soon as it comes to implementation of tasks and persevering till the last breath to accomplish those targets. Unlike those people, Ernestine Shepherd didn’t give up on her goal, rather achieved great heights by becoming the world’s oldest female bodybuilder.

Well, now she has just turned eighty! Her dedication and hard work will definitely motivate you in your life. There’s a lot we need to learn from the world’s oldest female bodybuilder. Take a look at her amazing journey to become what she is today. Surprisingly enough, she started bodybuilding when she was in her 50s, so you can well imagine how amazingly dedicated this woman is.

1 Ernestine’s Daily Routine keeps her healthy and strong

The secret mantra of a healthy life is waking up early in the morning. Her body is tuned to a schedule, according to which she wakes up at 02:30 a.m. every day and after reading her devotions, makes a healthy breakfast with ten mashed egg whites, a few walnuts, and sixteen ounces water.

Ernestine says that she doesn’t consider working out as a task. It is rather fun time for her. So, she regularly works out for hours in a day and runs 10 miles a day, covering even more than 80 miles per week. With her age, she doesn’t get old, she just gets better!

female bodybuilder Ernestine’s Daily Routine

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