Wow! These celebrities have an entourage of children!!

You always have had that particular celeb crush whom you admire and get inspired by some celebrities towards achieving new goals and more awesome lifestyles than what you have. In addition, these celebrities are a huge inspiration when it comes to understanding that life can take you to the highest lanes of success!

What is even better is that some celebrities have a lot of children. While some of you might be inspired to do the same, make sure you know life with kids becomes easier if you have lots of money. Most celebs can have many children thanks to them making way more income than you and I can! Take a look at some celebs who have many kids and are able to give them a great life.

1 Eddie Murphy

A very famous actor, Eddie Murphy is among celebrities that breed like rabbits. Celebrities often have multiple marriages and relationships. This is the case of Murphy too. He has been father to eight children till date. Some were with his ex-wife, some with a girlfriend and the others with a couple of other women.

Eddie Murphy

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