Why accept and decline buttons are seen only sometimes while receiving calls on an iPhone?

The iPhone is one of the most technologically updated phones that has been designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The unique feature of the iPhone is that it serves as a Wi-Fi device and a hotspot that can help other mobiles to connect to it. The iPhone can shoot videos, take pictures, receive visual voicemail, send the receive email, follow the GPS navigation and you can play video games, do reference works as well as social networking. You may think you know all about your iPhone, but in reality, some mysteries are yet to be unfolded.

1 What iPhone owners are yet to know?

Though iPhone owners have access to phones along with a wide variety of information, they are yet to know why their phone calls come in two different ways. You at least know that you have to swipe to accept the call and press to decline the call. But, a lot of people have questioned about the same, saying that why calls come in two different ways. Following this question, many people started researching on the same and here is what the results showed.

The first question that was flashed was that does the slide to accept screen appear when someone from out of your contacts is calling you? The answer was negative. Does the slide to accept screen appear when the phone is receiving a call from a number which is not an iPhone? The result was negative again. Does the slide to appear screen come when the iPhone is in the lock mode? This was in the affirmative. So this means that the reason to slide to accept screen appears because the phone is in the lock mode.

What iPhone owners are yet to know?

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