These awesome arched houses are just what you need for your vacations

Affordable or unique housing has been dream for many people. In the world of technology and innovations, one company has come up with one of the most innovative housing designs ever. These housing designs will not only make you have another affordable house along with the one you already have and the best thing is that you can either get it build by the company or build it yourself. Check it out for yourself.

1 What are these houses?

arched houses

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These arched houses are the creations of These houses are prefabricated and are easily buildable with simple DIY instructions. They are affordable alternative housing facilities. The houses come with a standard kit for DIY building which includes floor plates, ridge beam, ribs, R13 and R25 insulations, roof paneling which are super span technology. Distributors will be available to help people who are unable to build these houses themselves. However, the houses do not come with foundation, installation or interior fittings. Sizes range from 14 feet wide and 12 feet tall to 24 feet wide 32 feet tall, and they are custom designed according to customer needs.

arched houses1

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