Raising kids isn’t an easy task, here are some funny facts about raising kids

Whoever said that raising kids leaves you feeling blissed out at all times, needs to seriously differentiate between facts and fiction! Having said that, one cannot take away the fact that naughty kids with a mischievous gleam in their eye, manage to turn parent’s into spies. And what follows later is a chain of hilarious incidents, making one laugh fondly even in the later years when the kids are all grown up. Coming up is a train of incidents to keep you guffawing heartily. So fasten your seat belts as you read on.

1 Kids can be brutally honest

I remember the time when 5 year old Ethan went to see a paediatrician for a check up and just as the doctor began to ask him questions regarding his symptoms, Ethan declared that this doctor was a small doctor and that he wanted to consult the topmost doctor in the department. Ethan’s parent’s were startled and could not suppress their laughter for long.

Kids can be brutally honest

Image Source: www.diply.com

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